Phase Detail


Phase I

  • Education
  • General Utility Shops
  • Health
  • Jogging Track
  • Security

DHA Phase I Community has been meticulously planned and designed to best standards in order to present residents with an exceptional way of life and quality living in a semi mountainous area with breath taking views. Residents are enjoying contemporary lifestyle that is the exclusive of DHA.

Avicenna Medical Centre Avicenna (MI room) located in Defence park was inaugurated on 13th March, 07. Emergency Surgical and Medical First Aid is provided round the clock to the employees and local residents. Medical equipment and emergency medicines are available on the spot. Ambulance facility is available for the residents round the clock.

Activities of Avicenna Medical Centre:

  • Lectures / Awareness programs are planned as needed.
  • Sanitation round of different phases on quarterly basis.
  • Family planning services, Immunization program for children and Anti Natal care is available on the spot.
  • Out door consultation on various health matters is available for any age group.

Avicenna Med Centre Ph-I DHA Clinic Timings

Medical Officers
(1) Morning 0830 hrs to 1630 hrs
(2) Evening 1630 hrs to 2200 hrs
Nursing Staff
(1) Morning 0800 hrs to 1500 hrs
(2) Evening 1500 hrs to 2100 hrs
(3) Night 2100 hrs to 0800 hrs
Nursing Duty on Closed Holidays
(1) Morning 0800 hrs to 2000 hrs
(2) Night 2000 hrs to 0800 hrs

Perimeter Fence
Perimeter fence has been made all along the boundary along the bank of River Soan for better security and to keep the encroachers at bay.
Flood Protection Bund
DHA Phase I is under the process of bridging up safety bund around the whole edge of Soan River. When completed, this protective measure will help in protecting residential areas of phase I from land sliding and flooding.

Security Guards/Check Post
DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi provides its residents with 24-hour security. Security personnel conduct mobile patrolling during the night. Security personnel are equipped with wireless communication and weapons.

Control Room

Main Check Post

Check Post Sec E

Underground Electrification
DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi has achieved another milestone by successfully implementing underground electricity supply system in Phase I in May 2009. 95% connections are now on UG System.

Defence Park
Defence park with 130 feet shooter and 65 feet high waterfall is unique not only in the country but first ever in the twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It also features a unique restaurant facility.
Defence Mall
DHAI-R Main Office has been constructed in Defence Mall,  HR Directorate, Security Directorate, Supply Chain Management Dte, Admin Directorate, DHA Telemann Office, DHA Sales & Marketing Office, IT Directorate, Customer Information & Support Centre, Cafeteria, TK Mart & Askari Bank are located on ground floor.


DHA Customer Services
Finance Dte, Town Planning & Building Control and Chief Engineering Branch are located on first floor whereas other Directorates such as IT&T Dte, Legal Dte, Land Dte and Customer Service Centre (JV Office) are in basement and Marketing Dte, Security Dte, HR Dte, Admin Dte, Supply Chain Management Dte and Teleman are on ground floor.Transfer & Record Dte has been moved to an independent location in Sector C near Defence Park. It is dealing with File Opening, Conversion, Collection of Allotment Letter, Possession & all Legal Procedural matters regarding transfer of plot.
Customer Service Centre’s are working from 8:30am – 4:30pm. The Customer Service Centre is dealing with all matters for JV projects such as DHA Villas, Business Bay, Sector-F, DHA Valley, DHA Homes and Commercial Avenue.
Customer Information & Support Centre (CISC) is providing services from 8:30am – 4:30pm. Major functions of this section are to provide information with full accuracy, support and ultimate satisfaction to our valued customers in Pakistan and abroad. We are facilitating the customers by giving information through telephone, Fax, email and mail.
Office Timings  

Office timings are as under:-
a. Office Timings

Monday to Friday 0830 to 1630 hours

b. Sale/Tfr Timings

Monday to Friday 0830 to 1630 hours

PTCL: +92(51)111-555-400 Extn 1301-05
. Fax: +92(51)5788086
. Emails:



Sector F – Defence Villas

The first exceptional co-opted housing project was launched in May 2008 under a unique development plan. The residents of Defence Villas have an exclusive access to fully developed State of the Art amenities. The villas are being constructed on rafts by leading construction companies like MIDJAC, HARO & AREAA with high quality infrastructure from Habib Rafiq Limited (HRL).



Sector F – Plots

DHA Phase I Sector F was launched in fully developed picturesque area surrounded by captivating hills on 20th May 2008 along the calm flow of River Soan. Sector F is located on a world class expressway and is also linked with Sector E of Phase I . Apart from the sector extends an ideal opportunity to live in a pollution free and serene environment.


Sector F – Business Bay

Phase I Sector F was launched on 25th June 2008, the project comprises of premium shops & apartments having 4 segments of Boulevard Avenue, Mall & Centre. It is visualized that Business Bay because of its location & proximity will emerge as the most distinctive future hub of business, commercial, residential & entertainment for aspiring professionals & entrepreneurs.



General Utility Shops

General Utility Shops have been arranged to cater for daily utility items for the residents under water tanks in Sector D and E.




Jamia Masjid Sector A Jamia Masjid for 1000 persons.


 Name of Masjid

1st Friday of Apr Timings

1st Friday of Nov Timings


1 Jamia Masjid

1 : 15

1 : 15

Perm around the year
2 Shafi Masjid

1 : 45

1 : 15

3 Sarfaraz Masjid

1 : 15

1 : 45

4 Sec A-1 Gulzar Masjid

1 : 45

1 : 15

5 Sec C Masjid

1 : 15

1 : 45

6 Sec C Orchard Area Masjid

1 : 15

1 : 45

7 Sec B Orchard Area Masjid

1 : 45

1 : 15

8 Sec D Iqbal Masjid

1 : 15

1 : 45

9 Sec E Masjid (St 5)

1 : 45

1 : 15

10 Sec B Masjid

1 : 45

1 : 15

Telecom Services

A digital telephone exchange of PTCL has been established and telephone connections are being provided to the residents of Phase I, various cellular and wireless data service providers are also operating. Now Latest technology of Optical Fiber Access Network(OFAN) has also been deployed to provide high speed internet and smart TV. Similarly Hybrid Fiber Coaxical (HFC) network of DHA-Teleman has been Deployed.


Water Purification Plant

Residents are provided with clean drinking water through water filtration plants established in Sector D and E.


Jogging Track and Crazy Streets

Jogging tracks and crazy streets have been provided to all the residents.



Fire Fighting

DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi has its own fire brigade efficient enough to protect the DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi community against injury, loss of life and destruction of property. The fire fighting vehicles have the capacity of 12000 liter water and 1000 liter foam. In addition a fleet of water bowzers with capacity of 100,000 litre is also available to counter any untoward fire incident. Fire fighting teams respond quickly and work as a highly organized team.

Ambulance & Free Transport for Residents

An effective ambulance service is available with a dedicated vehicle for residents round the clock.

Dedicated Broadband Communication Services by DHA Teleman

DHAI Teleman is a Telecommunication and Broadband Company of Defence Housing Authority(DHA) Islamabad. DHA Islamabad is one of the largest and most influential housing societies in Pakistan, and through Teleman we are looking forward to set the finest industry standards as a leading turkey broadband solution provider. Our infrastructure Services for triple-play broadband services are based on the largest network in rawalpindi covering key localities like the Chaklala Air Base, GHQ, and so on. Following are the services which are being provided:


Digital HD



We are utilizing the latest technology of Fiber Optic (HFC) and Fiber Nodes to amplify the Cable experience of our customers, providing a 24-hour customer service with a complete Genset backup. Moving on to the new era of Technology, the Teleman has fulfilled its promise of implementing a new hi-tech system of FTTH-GPON in DHA Phase II Islamabad.

Fiber To The Home technology (FTTH-GPON) will support tripple-play services like CATV (Analog + Digital HD), Telephony and internet on a flat-tape Optical fiber which will be installed through ap proposed inlet in a house allowing to avail the aditional services like Video on Demand (VOD), gaming zone, Digital Video Broadcast etc.

Website :
Garbage Collection

Residents have been provided with a garbage collection basket and polythene bags which are collected by DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi garbage vehicle on daily basis.



Commercial Plaza Sector B

DHA Avenue Mall

DHA has planned a treat for residents of phase I in the form of DHA Avenue Mall. When finished, The Avenue Mall will spearhead as commercial hub of phase I. This seven story mall will house everything from top branded shops, to lavish office spaces and luxury apartments. Avenue Mall will be completed by 2018.DHA Phase I now provides its valuable customers with most reliable n secure place to grocery. We serve you with all the basic needs of living here in this double story plaza. All kind of edibles, bakery items, daily grocery items, kitchen accessories are available here. Our customers are our pride and our promise is to serve them better.

Nursery Ph-I



Approx plants – 30,000

HORT Activities


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