Phase Detail


Phase II

  • Health
  • Security
  • Jacaranda Family Club
  • Sector Utility Area
  • RISE
  • Family Park Sector B
  • Educational Facilities

Nestled between Grand Trunk Road and Islamabad Highway lies our DHA phase II comprising of approx 15,075 kanals. All the sectors are fully urbanized and now home to a number of families. This Phase exhibits peace, harmony, security, luxury and convenience.

Ph-II DHA Clinic Timings 

Medical Officers

(1) Morning - 0830 hrs to 1630 hrs
(2) Evening - 1630 hrs to 2200 hrs
Nursing Staff

(1) Morning - 0800 hrs to 1500 hrs
(2) Evening - 1500 hrs to 2000 hrs
(3) Night - 2000 hrs to 0800 hrs
Nursing Duty on Closed Holidays
(1) Morning - 0800 hrs to 2000 hrs
(2) Night - 2000 hrs to 0800 hrs

Security Guards/Check Post

DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi provides its residents with 24-hour security. Security personnel conduct mobile patrolling during the night. Security personnel are equipped with wireless communication and weapons.

Phase-II Sub Office DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi

DHA Phase-II Sub Office DHA has been constructed in Sector A. Jacaranda Family Club Sales & Marketing Office residing in main office is dealing with the membership of JFC whereas Main Office is dealing with all the projects of DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi.The Departments functioning in Ph-II main office are PD Office, TP & BC Dte(BC-II), Adm Dte, IT Dte, Security Dte, Chief Engineering Branch & Exchange.

Sub Office Phase II
Sub Office Phase II

Shop-A-Shop (Blulane Commercial District)

A commercial project located along with the Islamabad Highway was launched on 2nd Jun 08. The project offers a host of high end business and commercial opportunities in the form of shops & offices at the gateway of Phase VI (Ex-Phase II Extn). A leading company has commenced the construction work which will be completed soon.

Jacaranda Family Club

Jacaranda Family Club (visit Website)

Banquet Hall

Jacaranda Grill

Chinese Restaurant

Imperial Hall

Jacaranda Grill

Guest Rooms

JFC Sales & Marketing Office
Club Avenue, Sector E, Phase II, P.O. 1531, DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi
UAN: (051) 111-JFC-DHA(532-342), Fax: (051) 2311008 Extn: 2625 & 2626
Development of Communication Infrastructure

Latest network of PTCL based on optical fiber has been deployed, while Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) network comprised of fully optical fiber based network is deployed by DHA-Teleman. Various cellular and wireless service providers are also operating. Network in Sector B is complete and services are running while the same is being developed in Sector G and E.

MOU Signing Ceremony between DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi and PTCL for Development of Communication Infrastructure in Phase II on 1 Feb 2011

DHA Grid Station

No breakages, No faults, No fluctuation Life is good. DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi has marked another milestone step towards better living solutions. Ex Vice President DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi Maj General Asif Ali HI (M) inaugurated the first ever “DHA Grid Station” on 16 July 2009 in Phase II DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi.

Waste-water Treatment Plant

Waste water treatment and recycling for irrigation purposes based on drip and sprinklers technology.


Water Tanks and Tube Well

Aesthetically designed overhead water tanks and tube well rooms.

Street & Boulevard

Attractive green belts added to the serene environment; while footpaths on both sides make the cemented roads pedestrian and cyclist friendly. Streets inside DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi are 40 feet wide; the boulevards are 130 feet wide allowing easy flow of vehicles.

Petrol Station

Three petrol pumps, one each of PSO, SHELL and TOTAL are planned each including a spare parts shop, service station, mini mart, compress natural gas facility, workshop and a restaurant.

Underground Electrification

100% under ground electrification of European standards is being ensured. All electricity lines are underground which not only reduces environmental hazards but also makes the surrounding quite beautiful. Cables are laid in a trench in group of three. Each cable trench is a meter deep. Concrete cable covers prevent accidental damage to cables. This will also be well compacted in order to aid the removal of heat.


Jamia Masjid Noor Phase II Capacity : 1300 persons.

Timings Jumma Prayer


Name of Masjid

1st Friday Apr

1st Friday Nov

1 Sector-A Masjid (Near Main Office)



2 Sector-A Masjid (St-10)



3 Sector-A Masjid (Near Gate-3)



4 Sector-B Masjid



5 Sector-C Masjid



6 Sector-D Masjid



7 Sector-E Masjid (Near Lane-13)



8 Sector-F Masjid (Near APS)



9 Sector-F (WTC) Masjid



10 Sector-G Masjid (Near APS)



11 Sector-G Masjid (St-2/Lane-10)



12 Jamia Masjid Noor (Sector-G)



13 Sector-H Masjid (Near Gate-4)



14 Sector-H Masjid (Power Ave)



15 Sector-J Masjid



Note: Jumma timings are revised after every six weeks.

Sector Utility Area

Sector B Mosque
Sector H Mosque
Commercial Area

Each Sector has utility areas comprising of Market including:

  • Shops
  • Catering daily needs of residents
  • Mosques, each with a capacity of 300 people
  • School providing primary education
  • Medical clinic with pharmacy
  • Park and playing area
  • Jogging tracks
Educational Facilities
DHAI APS Sector B Visit Website
DHAI APS Sector G Visit Website
DHAI APS Sector F Visit Website
Army Public School(APS) now open in Sector- B, Sector – F and  Sector – G in Phase II.
For information :
UAN : 111-555-400 Extn : 1274

Roots School
Visit Website

Four lots have been earmarked for school/college level institutions, one of them specifically for special education. In addition four school buildings have been constructed in the local centres, two of them are being utilized for primary education by Roots School System, these will subsequently be upgraded to high school.

Research Institute of Special Education(RISE) – Future Project Phase-II

RISE DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi will be an institution of a unique nature that will provide research facilities in addition to education, vocational training and boarding facilities for 400-500 special children of different age groups, so that they become useful members of society. The main emphasis will be on physically and mentally handicapped in this Research Institute. It is being established at 35.5 Kanal (5 Acres) of prime land, fully developed and allocated by DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi Phase-II.RISE Core Objectives are:

  • To provide environment on the research and remedial measures to reduce the possibilities of different types of disabilities in the children of our society.
  • To offer counseling and support services that enable parents to play a key role in the development of their children.
  • To develop a platform for the capacity building of professionals, volunteers, parents and various society organisations working with special children.
  • To provide early intervention services for children who are “at risk” or who have been identified as having special needs.

The academy is being planned for special children. Details are:

Area allotted

Number of beneficiaries
Boarding facilities
Special Research Wing

35.5 Kanals

400 to 500 students
for 50% students

Family Park Sector B

Graveyard area Sec G
Water Filtration Plant

Shopping Complex

Fire Fighting

DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi has its own fire brigade efficient enough to protect the DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi community against injury, loss of life and destruction of property. The fire fighting vehicles have the capacity of 12000 litre water and 1000 litre foam. In addition a fleet of water bowsers with capacity 100,000 litre is also available to counter any untoward fire incident. Fire fighting teams respond quickly and work as a highly organized team.


Nursery Ph-II
Approx plants – 38000
HORT Activities