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Supplier Registration Form

Contractor Registration Form pdf-icon


1. Issuance of Allotment Letter Procedure pdf-icon
2. File Opening (Allotment Certificate) Procedure pdf-icon
3. File Conversion (Allotment letter against Allotment Ceritificate) Procedure pdf-icon
4. Collection of Allotment Procedure pdf-icon
5. Duplicate Allotment Letter Procedure pdf-icon
6. Allotment Certificate Name Endorsement Procedure pdf-icon
7. All Transfer Procedure pdf-icon
8. Normal Transfer Procedure pdf-icon
9. Gift Transfer Procedure pdf-icon
10. Widow Legal Heir Transfer Procedure pdf-icon
11. GPA Transfer Procedure pdf-icon
12. SPA Transfer Procedure pdf-icon
13. DHA Own project & Valley fIle Conversion Procedure pdf-icon
14. NOC NEC Lien Marking Procedure pdf-icon


1. Application For Issuance of Allotment Letter pdf-icon
2. Application For Issuance of Allotment Certificate ( File Opening) pdf-icon
3. Application For Issuance Of Allotment Letter Against Allotment Certificate pdf-icon
4. Rick Certificate pdf-icon
5. Authority For Collection Of Allotment Letter pdf-icon
6. Duplicate Allotment Letter (Specimen) pdf-icon
7. Application for Transfer of Plot pdf-icon
8. Affidavit by Seller pdf-icon
9. Undertaking by Purchaser pdf-icon
10. Agreement to Sell Plot pdf-icon
11. Application for Gift of Plot pdf-icon
12. Affidavit by Donor pdf-icon
13. Undertaking by Donee pdf-icon
14. Gift Deed pdf-icon
15. Application For Legal Heir Transfer pdf-icon
16. Undertaking by the Widow Legal Heir pdf-icon
17. Affidavit for Surrender of Rights pdf-icon
18. General Power of Attorney pdf-icon
19. Special Power of Attorney pdf-icon
20. Authority Letter for Collection of Statement of dues and NDC pdf-icon
21. Plot Verification Form pdf-icon
22. Application for Change of Address pdf-icon

DHAI Stamp vendor services

DHAI Stamp vendor services   pdf-icon

 Membership Form

Membership Form   pdf-icon

Application For Possession

i-Application for possession demarcation of plot

ii-Charges for site Plan Possession Mortgage (Member Copy)

iii-Charges for site Plan Possession Mortgage (Office Copy)

Transfer Of House / Shop 

i-Req for statement of dues for house shop

ii-Req for issue of dues NDC House Shop

iii-Req for issue of dues NDC Res or Commercial Plot

iv-NDC On Sale / Tfr of Commercial Res Plot

v-Authority Letter

vi-Application of Registration Authority for the Purchase of Property

Schedule of Charges

i-Schedule of Charges 

Car Sticker / Lab / Servant Forms 

i-Application For Car Sticker/Entry Card

ii-Security Form for Contractor / Labour

iii-Police Verfication – Employment in DHA Rawalpindi

iv-Vacant House Notification Form

v-Police Verification Regarding Property

vi-Issuance of NOC to Tenant Form

vii-Application for Pass - Servant / Maid / Dvrs

viii-Application Form for CCTV Recording

ix-E-Tag Form for DHA Resident

x-E-Tag Form for Non Resident (Retd – Serving Army Officers)

xi-E-Tag Form for Frequent Visitor

xii-E-Tag Form for DHA Employee